Review – The Case of the Mona Lisa (The Amulet of Amser Book 1) by Yvonne Jones

Synopsis: Wen Amser’s family has a secret. A secret that has been kept for centuries. Wen is destined by his family’s ancient oath to forever protect the world’s most precious pieces of art for all of mankind.  With the help of an ancient amulet and a magic spell, Wen finds himself and his grandfather’s trusty terrier, Minty, in the streets of Paris in the year 1911. There, Wen must find a way to save Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. But he soon discovers that he is not the only one trying to get his hands on the painting. Will Wen be able to save the piece of art, or will da Vinci’s masterpiece be lost forever?

I think this is an original and intriguing book for the target age group. I felt the wording and length was age appropriate. I find sometimes in reading books that are designated for children that either its too long or has mature wording so it was refreshing to see one that hits the mark. I felt it was a facsinating touch to have Wendall’s name, his father’s name Dwade, and grandfather’s Faerwald all mean traveler. I suspect that many young readers will be trying to find out what their names mean, wondering if its something cool like Wen’s. It is a well-written tale that captures the attention of the reader as Wen is quickly sent out on his first mission.

The story moves along pretty quickly and has quite a few historical details so that the young readers are learning while being entertained. It is surprising how much information gets lost between the generations when it comes to history. I liked that the author did incorporate real historical details into the story because there were a few facts I actually had forgotten. Overall, great read for young readers can read by themselves who like art and fantasy or parents will enjoy reading with their children.


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