Review – Everyone versus Everyone by Arthur Jay

Synopsis: In Arthur Jay’s latest adventure, public hysteria has reached epic proportions over the class action lawsuit of Everyone versus Everyone. Fed up with the status quo, everyone is suing everyone for the state of religion, politics, the arts, the environment and the American Dream. Sixteen trillion dollars hang in the balance as corporations, politicians, and everyone else, are all taken to court. Join Attorney Otto Griebel and his six hand chosen witnesses as they lay out their case in this page turning novella. Who will win the trial of the century? Everyone, or Everyone?

I think the author brought an interesting and different approach to the perspective of societal failures. I felt the story was humorous and thought-provoking. It also made me wonder would we ever get to the point where we would have such a bizarre law suit take place? I agreed with Ruth that the money would be a temporary band-aid for the problems that only time and true changes can be resolved. I also found it very interesting how quickly everyone jumped on the guilty bandwagon to get their piece of the grand prize.

I felt the characters were compelling and very amusing. Each plaintiff testified about how others made their lives hard but not talking about the choices they made that led up to their current situations. The characters, Tyrone Jenkins and Former Congresswoman May Farleigh layed the blame pretty thick on others. I liked the way the author had each chapter as being separate parts of the court session. I also noticed how many of the people didn’t care what the long lasting effects on our economy a huge payout would be. Greed is such a terrible thing. Overall, good read for anyone who likes satires and a good laugh.


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