Review – Dance in the Sun by Monique Moliere Piper

Synopsis: Dance in the Sun is about getting started on the journey to living exactly as God created us all to be, our authentic selves. It addresses the ways in which this journey gets constantly interrupted by our habits, beliefs, and conditioning and the struggles in our lives that cloud our view so that we may never catch a glimpse of our true selves. this book will show you ways to get on the path to uncovering your heart’s desires, instead of what you have been taught is realistic.

The author discusses several techniques that can be incorporated into daily life to feel more complete and happy. Some techniques she discussed are looking in the mirror saying affirmations, removing people who bring you down and practice makes better instead of faking. I hadn’t actually thought about how much of who I am is based upon my background/circumstances. I totally agree with the author that ultimately we are responsible for who we become despite those influences. I also agree with the author about the fact that we only get mad at the truth when it comes to personality flaws.

I liked that the author shared her own experiences so that the reader can see how she applied her techniques in her own life. Despite cultural differences, it often surprises me how much we (as in the human race) are the same. We suffer the same anxieties and fall into the same type of behavior patterns. One example, the author mentions is constantly staying busy to ignore the pain of loneliness or unhappiness. I have met people who use being busy as shield for them to deal with issues. Overall, good read for anyone who likes to self -help books with a spiritual influence.


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