Review – Shearwater,Part One: An Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance by D.S. Murphy

Synopsis: Clara learns of her parents’ deaths on the day of her big recital. Not long after, she learns that she has a grandfather in Ireland whom she had never knew about or met, and is sent to live with him. She begins to try to solve the mystery of why her mother at 16, changed her name, had left home and gone to America. A strange note is posted on the door  of Clara’s new home and Clara now wonders if it is related to a missing girls ritualistic death.

I think this is the beginning of a great young adult story. I think it was a good idea for the author to separate it into parts because it was already close to 300 pages. I will say that young adult is not my favorite genre but found this book entertaining and attention grabbing. The characters are vivid and believable. Clara is more of a sensitive introvert But manages to make friends, Ethan the broody outcast and Sebastian the golden attractive new boy. Clara finds that her life becomes more complicated when she turns 16 and her looks change.

I think the author did a wonderful job with the settings and the incorporation of multiple story lines. It is a fast paced tale made realistic with Clara becoming distracted with her attraction to Sebastian and confused by the same attraction she feels to Ethan. I am glad that her change in looks didn’t change her personality drastically. I truly enjoyed reading the story and can’t wait to find out if Clara will make the change, will she solve the mystery of mother’s leaving and catch the serial killer on the loose. Overall, great read for lovers of young adult fiction mixed with paranormal and urban myths.




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