Review – Guardians (Caretaker Chronicles Book 2) by Josi Russell

Synopsis: Life on Minea isn’t all that the shiny brochures back on Earth promised the passengers of Ship 12-22. In order to survive, most of the population must slave away in the dark, unforgiving caverns of the Yyinum mines. Ethan’s position as governor proves to be less effective than he hoped as he clashes with the power-hungry companies that control the planet. While on a surveying ship, Ethan and the crew crash-land into the cavernous depths beneath the Karst Mountains, where a maze of tunnels and slew of fatal dangers block their journey home. Above ground, a deadly epidemic sweeps the planet, and Ethan’s wife, Aria, is torn between searching the mountains for him and finding a cure. When a mysterious craft appears in the sky, Kaia and her father, Admiral Phillip Reagan, must prepare for a battle with a species they know nothing about. As their world descends into chaos, can these self-appointed guardians bring hope of survival to Minea?

I didn’t read the first book and would recommend that if you haven’t, read Caretaker first. I was able to follow along with the backdrop provided but it took me a little longer to piece it together and kept getting the feeling I missed some important action. The author has created a world filled with amazing life forms, abilities and locations. It definitely did not disappoint me with action, drama, betrayal, social issues and of course aliens. The characters are diverse and feel authentic. Aria’s love and dedication for Ethan was admirable as she went out several times after the government and Saras stopped looking.

The pace starts a little slow but quickly picks up once Ethan and the crew become lost in the mountain cave. The story line is not predictable and was often surprised by how scenes played out. Definitely didn’t see the twist that happened with one of the vice presidents of Saras. (Don’t want to give out any spoilers!) My interest in this series has been captured. I certainly didn’t want to put the book down and look forward to reading what happens next. Overall, great read for anyone who loves science fiction mixed with fantasy. I do have to warn it is a little long.

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