Review -Mayo Clinic Diet: The Healthy Weight Loss Solution by Tarpan Publishing

Synopsis: In the book, you will learn about the origins of the Mayo Clinic Diet, discover its guiding principles, break your bad eating habits, expand your food choices and train yourself to become a person who makes great food choices and who can enjoy a fitter, slimmer and healthier body for the rest of your life.

I think this book is a good introduction so that someone who is interested in trying this diet will understand what he/she can expect. Although it is claiming to be a diet, it is more of a lifestyle change that is approached in two stages. The first stage being exchanging 5 bad eating habits for 5 good eating habits. The second stage where you continue the new habits you incorporated to achieve your weight loss goal.

One thing, I did like that the book includes is getting BMI and waist measurement in addition to weight. I have learned that when exercising and dieting, you may not see the first differences on the scale due to bloating. Another fact I liked that was included is that changing the foods in your diet may cause stomach irritation. It is commonly known that it can happen during traveling but not something people commonly think of as happening when eating healthy. I liked the simplistic approach to portion control that sometimes can be frustrating and confusing. I think it is sometimes hard enough already without adding math or exchange rates for grams/liters. Overall, good read for anyone looking for a healthier and long lasting way to lose weight.



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