Review – The Gift plus the Shot (The Inspector Kwong Book Mysteries Book 4) by Vic Warren

Synopsis: In The Gift, media frenzy hits Hong Kong when a murderer they call the New Year’s Avenger spoils the beloved Lunar New Year’s holiday. And The Shot has Kwong and Matson spending a day at the races, before traveling up to Guangzhou on the trail of a deadly assassin.

This is my first introduction into the world of Inspector Kwong and I was able to follow along with no problem due to good backdrop given. It is two well written tales. I feel that the author does a good job with the dialogue, catching the small idiosyncrasies that are heard in Chinese English. The characters are vibrant and likable. Inspector Kwong is confident, wise and without the inner turmoil. He is a man nearing the end of his career ready to pass the baton to his assistant Matson. Matson is a much younger man with a shady past who struggles with the decision to let go of the love of his life.

I also liked that even though Kwong is the main character, he doesn’t solve the crimes all by himself. The pace of the stories is pretty fast but still allows for the reader to get acquainted with the characters. I have never been to Hong Kong and the author makes it sound like a great place to visit. It was an enjoyable read and look forward to reading other works from this author. Overall, great read for anyone who loves international mysteries filled with suspense.



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