Review – Dark City (Nick Harland Crime Thriller Book 4) by Bill Carson

Synopsis: Dark City is the fourth book in the Nick Harland detective series. In this one we follow him on his most perplexing and disturbing case to date, as he tracks down a serial killer from the past. The book begins with an elderly man being released from prison, after serving seventeen years for a double murder. A few days after his release a young woman is snatched from outside a London pub. The police seem to be dragging their heels, so the family of the missing girl call on the services of the tough, uncompromising ex murder squad detective, turned Private Investigator, Nick Harland. During his initial investigation another girl suddenly goes missing, he then gets a tip off that Charles Thorpe had just been released from prison. Nick knows the killer, as he was the detective who put him behind bars when he was a detective in the murder squad. And so the hunt is now on for Thorpe, and Nick will not rest until Thorpe is found, and he promises that Thorpe will pay the ultimate price for his crimes this time around.

I hadn’t read the first 3 books but was able to pick up pretty quickly the back drop for the story and characters. Nick is a different kind of character than usually read in the crime detective stories. He doesn’t stop at the last moment before crossing the line into criminal activity himself. It is a well-written tale of murder, suspense and mystery that keeps the reader involved from start to finish. The characters are distinctive and relatable. I enjoyed George’s optimism and was deeply saddened by the death of Anne. It was crushing blow that took Nick to the edge of his sanity.

At the end, I began to realize that Nick had only scratched the surface of the underlying plots by the dark organization. It made me start to wonder were the deaths of Mr. Marks and Anne what they appeared to be. I’ll have to admit that I feel that Nick went too far with his vengeance. I felt conflicted because I wanted him to be the good honorable guy but he was more of a gray character — just as much dark as light. Overall, great read for anyone who loves crime thrillers filled with suspense and lots of twist.



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