Review – Lazarus by Roderick Wood

Synopsis: It is the author’s biography ranging from 1962 to present. He died for half an hour in February 2014 and was brought back to life by the skills of a lifesaving team.
Since that episode he decided to write down his memories in a book in case the memories fade .

In my opinion the author has experienced way more than many people I have met. He had an opportunity to travel and some surprising career changes. I liked that the author wrote this book for himself and hope that it provided him with the healing and understanding that comes with reflection of life. He didn’t just write of good things or try show himself in a certain light.

I don’t feel it is easy to reveal yourself to others – insecurities, failed hopes/dreams and eccentrics. I often write my thoughts or memories but I don’t think I would be brave enough to have them published for others to read. I wouldn’t want to be judged for what I did or did not do. There were a few places within the book that I found it hard to relate to the author. Overall, good read for anyone who likes to read memoirs and autobiographies.


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