Blog Tour: Mobster’s Gamble (Chicago Mob Series Book 1) by Amy Rachiele


Blog Tour:
Mobster’s Gamble
(Chicago Mob #1)
Amy Rachiele
Feb 8th Feb 15th


Mobster’s Gamble
Caruso runs the family businesses. The son of mob boss Ennio Caruso, Carlo
knows his place and he is up to the challenge of taking care of both the casino
business and the not-quite-legal “other” business, all without drawing unwanted
attention from the authorities. But when a group of cult extremists, headed by
a guy who calls himself Priest, decides to target his family’s casino as a den
of sin while attempting to recruit for their cause, Carlo may be in for a
challenge he has never been trained for.


Anya was born inside the walls of a cult and has
never known anything different. Anya’s beauty has always stirred the wrong kind
of attention from the leader and then, when he was gone, his son. Anya has had
a complicated and volatile relationship with Priest since she was a little girl
toddling around in the religious commune. She knows she deserves better but has
no idea how to go about getting it.

Can Carlo and Anya overcome
their upbringing and find love?
“I can’t change it. Sometimes you just
have to live with it.” ~Anya, Mobster’s Gamble






Amy Rachiele is a widowed military
spouse who spent many years volunteering and on staff for the Army National
Guard and Department of Veteran Affairs with family support, family readiness,
as well as, families of the Fallen. Amy devoted 10 years to teaching at-risk
students in the Providence School System. She holds a Master’s degree from
Rhode Island College in English and Secondary Education. Besides writing, she
is a reader, tea-er, shifter-lovin’, Sci-fi junkie, who enjoys scrapbooking,
sewing, and traveling. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her son.




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