Review-AND… THE MIRROR CRACKED: A Dramatic Crime, Thriller: The past is exposed by Monica Handy

Synopsis: And… The Mirror Cracked is a fast paced tale of five people effected and connected through scandal, love, lies, and secrecy. It is through major shifts and unforeseen circumstances, that they form a strong alliance to dismantle a fifty year old organization that continues to destroy children.

The story moves a pretty fast pace that captured my attention immediately. It is cleverly written with several twists that will keep the reader guessing. Secrets are being uncovered and some are violent and harsh. At first, I didn’t understand why there were flashbacks to Melody and Leroy but quickly understood once they caught up to present day. Deborah, Clive and Curtis find themselves fighting for their lives against very wealthy men who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden from the public.

It is a story that unfortunately could be something occurring right now. I commend the author for writing a riveting but also socially conscious tale. I believe that the most heinous crimes are those committed against children because they are helpless and often don’t know it’s wrong. The characters were well developed, diverse, distinctive and relatable. The author did a wonderful job of making the characters come to life. Overall good read for anyone who loves mystery thrillers.



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