Review: Project Anan (Book 1 of the Energy Exchange Series) by Lionel Lazarus

Synopsis: Our Ancestors are Back. Abandoning Earth after extracting their precious energy, Aliens left and forgot the human population they changed. Those changes linked the three species, across time and the Intergalactic Space that separated their worlds. Ravaged by sickness and an energy shortage that threatens their extinction, the Aliens return on a clapped out old rust bucket seeking help. Earth, devastated by climate change, wars and population explosion is not what they expected, radically altering how they make First-Contact with humans. Together, alien and human embark on a Project that may give the three species hope for survival. Battling against discovery by evil forces, technology problems, mistrust and war, a Scottish Oil Rigger, an Irish Farm Girl and a Marine from East London, find themselves embroiled in events they could never have imagined. Led by an Alien Overlord — they have an unenviable task as the Managers of Project Anan. Engulfed by tragedy, drama and romance, events take them and their crew to New Zealand, France, Australia, Switzerland and Space on a journey to a New World in a distance secret galaxy.

The story starts out a little slow but quickly picks up after the initial meeting between Kathy Phillips and Theia Aknar. 2026 is a completely different world than what we live in today. I think the author did an incredible job of building the backdrop and making the characters alien and human come to life. Robert Leslie, Niamh Sullivan and Thomas Parker are the first people hired to start working on this project and some of the main characters of the story. It is found that despite some cosmetic differences that the human species is closely related to the Anan.

The story line is complex enough to encompass several more books. I was hooked once the pace picked up and was pulling for the mission to be successful. I was saddened by the tragic loss of Rhea and Alex although I also saw their deaths as the result of Rhea’s arrogance and Theia’s secrecy. I liked that the author was able to incorporate romance between the characters as well. I think every good story in any genre is complete when romance is also added.  Overall, great read for those who love science fiction, drama and little bit of romance.

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