Review -Forged Through Glory (Glory Dogs Book 1) by DeZre Storm

Synopsis: Yoland “Kitten” Sleek is used to living in a world of secrets. Born a mixed breed of humanoid, one engineered to kill and another made for pleasure, she explores the galaxy searching for the one source that can protect the privacy of her family: her father. The pleasure breed’s illegal bloodline endangers her existence and brands her with a death sentence. Blackmailed into an agreement with the superiors of her employer, she lands in dangerous hands. Special Operations Sergeant Brinks “Watch” Dog leads his squadron into the most challenging of planetary environments in service to the Compound Operations Research Exploration (CORE) Unit of the United Human Alliance. Bound to his Squad Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver, they scour the galaxies hunting to fulfill the missions of the CORE and save a planet’s people. After the rare addition of female Enlist Yoland Sleek to the team, the secrecy surrounding her threatens the squadron’s existence. Can they keep their minds focused on the mission, or should their attentions deviate to the temptation of Yoland Sleek?

Yoland Sleek is a female who has a lot to hide in order to survive. We enter a world not too dissimilar from ours when it comes to the Armed Forces, it is predominantly male. This challenge is very realistic and it is one of the reasons there are still areas that don’t have very much integration of sexes. Yoland is struggling to get past the bias placed on her being female plus her mixed heritage that makes her very existence illegal. After a mishap that nearly exposed;  she is moved to Dog-Four Squad special ops unit. Yoland tries to fight a very real attraction for her sergeant while surviving the missions.

I enjoyed reading about the distinctive humanoid races and their differences. I felt the inclusion of the Elite was very realistic. It was exactly how I pictured it would be with so many races.There would be  a race that tried to manipulate other races and make decisions about existence and nonexistence of others. I was drawn to vulnerability/strength of Yoland,the passion/protectiveness of Brinks, the loyalty/mischievousness of Jeremy. I wondered at first about the designation of erotica but it does have a strong story line. Overall, good read for lovers of science fiction with some very hot sex scenes.

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