Review: One More (The Solar Maximum Timeline) by Lance Haynes

Synopsis: Revelations and reawakening of long buried emotions will drive Richard Evans relentlessly toward home as the greatest natural disaster in recorded history strikes. How much can one person endure? What could break a man strong in so many ways?
The Darkness takes hold of our world while Richard begins his 2,000-mile journey home. His path crosses many lives along the way. Some need his help, some help him, and others seek to destroy. Richard’s physical endurance, iron will, and most of all, his heart will each be pushed beyond measure as every turn of events brings one more challenge. The essence of his humanity is tested in ways no one would ever choose. Will he break? Will he give in to hopelessness? What he does during those profoundly difficult moments will create ripples touching many lives before his journey is over. But at what cost to himself and the family who wait for his return…

The author combines his real life experience with fiction in this tale of redemption, love and hope. Richard Evans is a man who has allowed the pitfalls of life to overshadow his spirit. He had just realized that he needed to change for his family when the solar flare occurred knocking out the grid across the world. I was not surprised at how quickly morality went downhill when people were deprived of basic necessities. I believe that the adventures Richard had were very astute and real. I also felt like the characters were complex and down to earth, it made me feel like this could be an actual event.

Richard’s focus was to get home to his family but he took the time to help others on the way. I was saddened that he didn’t get the chance to see how many lives his acts of kindness touched. Haynes captured the nitty-gritty of the internal struggle that Richard fought as he traveled home. I found myself cheering him on to make it against the odds to get back to his family. It is so unfortunate that despite the advances of the human race when bad things happen it still brings out the bad and ugly in so many people. Overall, great read for anyone who likes personal growth mixed with action adventure.


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