Review: No Hope in New Hope (Samantha Jamison Mystery Book 7) by Peggy A. Edelheit

Synopsis: Samantha and her crew found themselves involved in an art gallery mystery when Clay comes to New Hope to watch over a friend’s gallery while out of town. It starts with customers complaining about not receiving the correct paintings. Samantha starts getting threats about a painting from a customer named Tony. Suspicious activities by employees are also thrown into mix causing the sleuths to wonder who they can trust. Mysterious break -ins keep happening and last but not least 2 people are dead.

I hadn’t read any of the other books but was still able to follow along fine, it is truly a stand alone book. I truly enjoyed the quirky humor mixed with suspense. The characters are well developed and likable. The seniors had me cracking up especially when Margie pulled out the liqueur candies. I found myself quickly pulled into the story and trying to figure out who the killer is and what were he/she looking for. The story line is interesting, compelling and filled with surprises. I definitely will take the time to read the other books because I love a good mystery story. Overall good read for anyone who loves a cozy mystery filled with suspense and humor.

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