Review -Clandestine: The CIA, a secret partnership, and an alliance to topple a Government by Stella Faulkes

Synopsis: When Venezuela’s new president seizes control of oil platforms belonging to US companies a cryptic and powerful international organization decides a change in government is in order for the South American nation.Established as a front for the CIA to combat the spread of communism to Europe in the aftermath of WWII, the Center for Labor Unity is a powerful force, capable of operating outside of government controls. The CLU’s most efficient operative is Andy Wayne, a capable agent for change who proved himself in Tunisia in the months leading to the Arab spring.Charged with inciting revolution, Andy enters Venezuela with two allies: Joyia Gabreille, a beautiful representative of Brazil’s national union, and Dane Sinclair, a seasoned operative more than capable of handling the necessary violence that accompanies regime changes.Unknown to Andy, the US president’s chief of staff wants the mission to fail. To accomplish this, he’s sent a former CIA assassin to South America. Her mission is simple: permanently retire Andy Wayne.

It is a tale filled with assassinations, subterfuge, betrayal and secret actions so realistic that it feels like you are reading the retelling of real events. The author has done extensive research and it definitely shows. I understand the background info given in the introduction but felt the continuous information distracted from the story line. I found I had to keep checking back to keep up with all the acronyms for different agencies and jargon. It sounded in some parts more like a text book than fictional tale. I feel it has a great story line that is complex and compelling.

The characters were realistic although not really likable. They are the driven type of people that value the result more than the path taken. For example, Koshka doesn’t want Andy told that someone is trying to kill him because she wants him to focus on the mission. I felt that was cold and definitely understood his reluctance to let that go. I was very surprised by Christina Abercrombie and her role in her husband’s death. It actually scary to think that there are people out there working underground to cause civil unrest and revolution in other countries for their own gain. Overall, good read for anyone who likes political thrillers filled with suspense and intrigue.

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