Review-Beneath the Bridge of Sighs by Ursula Bartram

Synopsis: Faith believed she had found the man of her dreams. Aiden is handsome, educated and from one of the best families around. They are engaged and happily planning the wedding of their dreams. And yet, Faith feels like something isn’t quite right, but she can’t put her finger on it until she attends one of Aiden’s company events and finds out that his former fiance now works for the firm. Aiden claims that there is nothing to worry about, but Faith’s intuition is telling her something different. As complicated as her life as already become, it takes a dramatic turn when she receives a call from an attorney in Italy who informs her that, unbeknownst to her, she has a Grandmother who has just gifted her a multi-million dollar estate and she must travel to Siena to discover family members she didn’t know she had and countless secrets that have been kept from her. As Faith drives through the curvy hillsides of Tuscany, she begins to question everything she ever knew about this life – and the man that she loves.

I love the idea of a romance that survives through one lifetime to the next. I wasn’t sure how the story of Marco and Catarina tied into Faith’s story until she was about to marry Aidan. Although I liked Faith, I felt like she continued to ignore her real feelings for too long. I think I would have enjoyed her character better if she didn’t try to force herself to be in love for Aidan. I was disappointed that she had come to rely on someone who was truly selfish. The only thing I felt Faith did right with Aidan is not signing the papers to make the marriage official. Bartram did an excellent job with developing the characters. The coldness of Aidan, the loyalty of Hope and the passion of Marco truly shined.

The story starts with the action scene of Marco and Catarina meeting which draws the reader attention. The pace seems to move much slower when it comes to the scene where we meet Faith. There were a few distracting grammatical errors  but otherwise it was a strong romance. I also felt there  were too many unanswered questions about why Faith didn’t know about her grandmother and her heritage but it didn’t harm the story. Overall, good story for lovers of sweet romance.

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