Review – Melting Steele (The Detective Jasmine Steele Series Book 2) by Kimberly Amato

Synopsis: We live in a digital age where everything you do, say and are, appears online. Nothing is ever really gone when you upload those photos, leave a bullying comment or surf mature websites. Detective Jasmine Steele is faced with a series of murders all tied to technology and the ever expanding Dark Web. Out of her element she needs to trust others in order to fully understand what she is faced with. In order to solve these cases, Steele has to put aside her obsession with those that killed her brother and tried to kill her. How can she do that when breadcrumbs all lead back to a powerful man who is connected to both prior cases? She has to find her focus before she loses herself to her own desire for revenge. Past obsessions can easily become crippling addictions.

It took me a little while to get into the story and I think that maybe because I didn’t read the first book. There is plenty of back story to follow along to the end. I liked the grittiness and honest vulnerability of Jasmine as she deals with her own past,emotions, and a new monster case. It brought out real emotions in me as a reader with the complexities, it was very realistic. It saddens me to think that Kaylee’s situation is one that young girls or boys actually deal with. A parent that abuses and the other who enables by protecting the abusing parent.

The story starts a little slow with the psychological insight into Jasmine’s personal struggles with the deaths of her brother and wife, relationship issues and her all consuming obsession. The story pace picked up and draws the reader in while Jasmine’s team tries to find the killer.  I was surprised at who the killer ended up being. The characters are well developed and distinct. A case that at first appeared simple suddenly involved conspiracy, dark web, abuse, bullying and an elusive mogul. Overall, good read for anyone who loves a thriller with mystery, suspense and true grit.


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