Review – Intelligent Design: Revelations to Apocalpse by J.M. Erickson

Synopsis: Intelligent Design: Revelations to Apocalypse brings two science fiction novellas together in one epic novel. Intelligent Design: Revelations begins sixty seven million years ago revealing new worlds, great technologies and superior beings’ efforts to save several species of hominids. Come forward to present days, there are only a trusted few humans that know Earth is not the only planet with sapient life in our solar system. The truth of our origins and greater threats to come will test human resolve. And it will all fall onto two women. Intelligent Design II: Apocalypse provides more answers that are far darker than the questions. Hidden planets, preexisting advanced civilizations, coexisting hominid species, and new revelations have all led to the end of days. Whether by twist of fate or by design, the Jovian planet is about to ignite into a sun. The civilizations of Mars, Earth and Terra are now at risk from the cataclysmic effects of an impossible astronomical anomaly.

The story had a little of a slow start but that is usually expected with science fiction because you have to get used to the worlds that are being created. After the initial slow start, the story kicks into gear at a pretty steady pace. Definitely can tell the author did do a good amount of research into several different areas, for example: religion, meteorology and even fighting styles. The list could actually continue further with the different disciplines that are realistically related in the story. I also thought it was ironic that the Architects were named after the gods from mythology like Aphrodite and Hades.

The author switches between several different characters but still was able to provide the details to make them relatable and complex. Perspective changes can often be a distraction to the reader but Erickson used them to build the story on the different worlds with the hominid groups and their artificial intelligence systems. I was drawn to the struggle of Andrea or Perez the Younger as she tried to find a solution that extended the survival chances for the impending creation of a second sun. Overall, great read for lovers of science fiction with a mix of fantasy.


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