Review-The New Lease: Conspiracy Thriller by John Stryder

Synopsis: A stranger appeared, years ago, and rescued you from the darkness.Or did he? Since that day you can’t recognize yourself, you’re haunted by an imaginary stalker, and you hear someone whisper in your head.That’s how Fae Cunningham, a reticent young woman with a history of mental illness, describes her predicament. But an unusual assignment from her professor of journalism gives her the chance to confront the past and seek out her shady benefactor. She travels all the way to the Middle East to find him, only to discover that his web of control stretches far and wide, and that he’s bent on altering much more than just her thoughts.

Fae continuously feels like she is being watched and as the story progresses we find she may be right. The story switches from 3rd person to 1st person as we see the journey of Jonas Armenti to obtaining his mental skills. Fae was brought back from a coma and changed into a different person. As we continue to read about Jonas, it made me contemplate if it was accidental or part of a grander plan. Jonas is the type of person who has the patience to wait for pieces to come together for a plan to work. His dedication to his vision is like nothing I have seen before, it is truly scary.

The story line progresses at a steady pace with very distinctive characters. It was amazing to see the reach that Jonas had and in real life I would be scared to meet someone with that kind of power. The power to change people’s mind can be abused and I kind of felt like Jonas had reached that point. Other characters like Martinelli and Jimenez have strong personalities but it is hard to separate the influence of Jonas in what they say. Overall, good read for anyone who loves psychological thrillers.


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