Review -Swimming With Sharks (Allison Taylor Series Book 3) by Jeanne Lamb-Carlin

Synopsis: When Ally’s ex-husband Jack Doretta shows up claiming he has been having some money issues that have put a strain on his marriage to second wife Kimberly, and then asks if he can stay with her for a few days while he sorts out his life, Ally reluctantly agrees. And then quickly regrets her decision when it becomes clear Jack’s money and personal issues might be more substantial than he implied.
After some unscrupulous men come to town, and Ally’s life is threatened, all perfectly timed to Jack’s arrival in Spring Hollow, Ally knows she needs to find out the truth. So she calls on best friends, Elizabeth Meade and Larry Jones to help figure out what Jack is hiding and how she is connected to it all. But as Jack’s past and present collide, Ally starts to discover secrets that make her question
everything she thought she knew about her ex. And as she searches for answers, a killer draws closer while a mystery man is intent on keeping Ally alive.

Swimming With Sharks is the third book in the series and is just as amazing as the first two. I will have to admit I wanted to shake Allison for being so stubborn but couldn’t stop reading. The author provides a good back story so that a new reader to the series could follow along. Allison has a big heart and tries to help out friends or in this case her ex as much as she can. Jack shows up asking to stay for a little while and then creepy things start to happen. Allison wants to believe that the dead bodies and attempts on her life have nothing to do with Jack but she is suspicious of the coincidence.

I wanted so badly for Mark and Allison to get back together but it didn’t happen. I feel like Allison has is too stubborn and afraid to trust. The other characters are very realistic evoking humor, sadness and other emotions from the reader. The story pace is faster than the other books with a ending that leaves you wondering what will happen next. I will have to admit that Ms. Lamb-Carlin has become one of my new favorite authors! Can’t wait for Book 4!


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