Review – Face of Our Father by G. Egore Pitir

Synopsis: Captain Stu Pierce is an aging former fighter pilot who’s looking forward to retirement. His wife, Angie, a lawyer and women’s advocate, is chasing down a vengeful Middle Eastern criminal who’s escaped justice. When she’s threatened with murder, Stu sets out to protect a wife who refuses to protect herself, and together they become embroiled in a conspiracy of global terrorism with repercussions for world peace and the fate of their marriage. Sometimes the biggest enemy can be the one right next to you.

When I first started reading the story I was confused because I thought the character from Prologue Zhueb Azwad was involved in the story and but instead meet Hosaam and Kashif. Later understanding comes that Zhueb was the ancestor of Uday. I think because of the confusion and trying to figure out the connection, it distracted me from getting into the story. I liked Stu and Angie’s story line. It was complex with so many factors affecting them both as individuals even after 26 years of marriage. Deception between them almost cost them everything.

I felt the characters showed a complexity that is not often seen. The scenes where Stu is fighting the urge to take a pill and Angie’s burqa speaking to her showed flaws that made them real. Flaws that made them relatable and understandable. We are shown the perspective of devout believers of Islam and how even within there are strong differences of opinions. I think that is important to acknowledge that not everyone wants to be a soldier or be a part of jihad. The story is fast paced with an almost happy ending which adds to the reality of the story. I felt the events that played out could have happened somewhere in real life. Overall, good read for anyone who enjoys suspense and fast paced action. Look forward to reading the sequel.

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