Review – Atlantic Island :Revised and Expanded Edition (Atlantic Island Trilogy Book 1) by Frederic Shernoff

Synopsis: For once,Theo Essex thought he could put aside his worries and just enjoy himself. A summer weekend at the shore. An evening with his friends. The beautiful Kylee in his arms. That was before the Event. After barely surviving a bizarre and cataclysmic night, Theo and his friends wake to find the United States has vanished. All that remains is their devastated island and a growing evil that looks to make survival impossible. Facing overwhelming odds, Theo must search for the strength to escape Atlantic Island.

When we first meet Theo, he is undecided and unsatisfied with his life. He has stopped enjoying going along with the flow and was looking for purpose. Strangely enough, Theo begins to find his purpose after the weird earthquake thing happens that leaves him and other survivors on an island. As devastated as everyone is by the displacement, they find themselves continuing with life under the guidance of the Mayor Sam Lucas and the Deputy Mayor Tiberius. It begins to follow a pattern of what I would expect if something like this would happen with protesters to the reorganization. I did think the alternative universe was a good twist because it offered hope and hopelessness all in one go.

Theo as the main character was well-developed but mainly because the story is being told from his point of view. The other characters are developed but do not show the complexity seen within Theo. Kylee is amazingly strong and has a good mind for tactical warfare. Ryan is the science nerd and Bill the fighter for the underdog. I think the story was well paced and although predictable in some aspects still had enough of a original story line to keep my interest. I would recommend this to anyone who loves science fiction with a touch of post-apocalyptic although I will caution it is a little long.

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