Review – The Tips, Tricks and $ Advice They Didn’t Teach You in College by Trey Smith

Synopsis: Advice to assist  young person to get off to a good  start financially with simple techniques that can be used to avoid most financial land-mines.

The author has several certifications and I liked that he also used real word examples to discuss the different situations people find themselves in. Many of the things he talks about like having a healthy cash reserve and avoiding credit card debt I learned about the hard way in college when situations occur. I liked the style of writing, it was straightforward and applicable. I agree with the author it is important that people especially young people become educated about financial planning and risks. I was impressed that he also mentioned sections regarding managing paperwork and identity theft which I feel is overlooked with financial planning books I have read in the past.

Managing paperwork and identity theft go hand in hand. I work for a public safety organization and we receive calls regarding identity thefts from people constantly that left important documents like birth certs, social security cards and bank statements inside their cars that got broken into. I agree with the author that important documents should be in some type of safe, file folder or bank security box. Due to my personal experiences, many of these tips I already apply but it was a good reminder for me of why I should continue. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to start a financial plan or who is planning on making a major purchase. As a bonus, it also copies of forms to help out with staying organized.

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