Review – Cup of Evil: Corruption, Blackmail and Bodies Come to Light When a Sadistic Tycoon is Murdered by E. Groat

Synopsis: The clock is ticking for Zoe Erskine and Garth Avery—deadlines, a corrupt politician and sadistic financier threaten to destroy everything they’re working for to rebuild the city. Murder, mayhem and fate step in, entangling Zoe and Garth in a world of graft and subterfuge, where they find their ordeal ending in the gruesome discovery of a decades-old secret.

Zoe is working on this project because of her love of her father and wanting to see her father’s dream come true. Garth was her father’s partner and together they have worked for 3 years to make a dream a reality. Nelson Beckman is a sleazy but extremely rich businessman who has made it his personal vendetta to make sure the project doesn’t succeed. Mayor Harris is a corrupt politician willing to sell his support to the highest bidder is another obstacle in the way for the project. Josh Lawton, lawyer of Beckman is fighting with his morals and honoring a request from his dying father.

I think the story started out a little slow to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. The pace does pick up and some really interesting things begin to happen. I will say that I did feel some sections were phrased awkwardly and would have made more sense if phrased differently. It was the only fault that I found with the story, otherwise I felt the characters were distinctive and the story line was good. I liked Zoe’s spirit and feistiness paired with the stoic optimism of Garth. They appeared to be made for each other until Josh comes into the picture. I think it was an interesting conflict to add because as we all know mutual attraction does not always mean you should give a good thing for an unknown thing. Overall, good read for anyone who loves mystery, justice mixed in with suspense.

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