Review – Detour Allure (Detour Paris Series Book 2) by Jack Dancer

Synopsis: While uncertainties of trust and love threaten to divide Monica and Tucker, they are unwittingly caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a powerful yet obscure adversary. Insecurities are tested and resolved. Doubts are banished and just as their love for one another reaches the clarifying moment the unthinkable occurs tearing the couple apart. Thoroughly devastated and utterly depressed Tucker’s world is further tilted when he discovers yet another foe has been working behind the scenes framing him with enough crimes to warrant several life sentences. Having lost the love of his life and with his own life in certain jeopardy, can Tucker shake off his paralyzing helplessness and mobilize the strength to gain the upper hand and overcome his adversaries?

This is the second book of the series and it has enough of a background that a new reader would be able to understand wholeheartedly. Tucker and Monica are still running for their lives while Terry and Ebba are still missing. Monica has some secrets of her own –she speaks Catalan like a native and an elderly woman calls her Princess. Tucker still hasn’t told her about the lottery ticket and the Raven is getting ever closer to finding them. Just as Tucker finds out that Monica really is in love with him as well, she is abducted by the Raven. I was very surprised by the additional twists, unexpected agents, over the top sex scenes and heart stopping action.

I will say that the ending was another cliffhanger that left me wondering how will Tucker get out of this. The story moves at a pretty fast pace while switching from the perspective of Tucker, the Raven and the Rider. The identity of the rider still hasn’t been revealed and then there is the Spanish prisoner scam added into the mix. The sex scenes are definitely racy, explicit and on the erotic level with some bdsm mixed in. I don’t like erotic so it was a little much for me but I would recommend for all who love action adventure with a great story line and super steamy sexual encounters.

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