Review- Arrian’s Key by Jamie Boltman

Synopsis: Lillie Carmichael doesn’t know her parents or where she’s from. All she knows for certain is that she was found as a baby and that she isn’t normal. She has abilities no one else has. Men are drawn to her; brothers, sons, boyfriends, and husbands and she doesn’t know why. Then after a freak attack in the woods, Kyle comes along. He’s dark and full of mystery, and seems to know more about her than even she does. He says someone is trying to get to her, to possess the power she has within her. He says he’s her Protector, sent by her parents to bring her home, back to a Kingdom called Arrian. Suddenly, she’s whisked away into another world, full of danger, love, and wonderment. But there’s a darker side to everything. A war is coming, one that could mean the destruction of the Kingdom and so much more. And Lillie is the key. She has a power inside of her stronger than anything ever experienced before…A power to save the Kingdom or bring its downfall.

Lillie Carmichael is not your average teenager. She isn’t moody and still is relatively happy despite not knowing her parents and having no friends. I was amazed at how secluded she was with only her guardian and household who really talked to her. I enjoyed reading the romance between Kyle and Lillie. It is passionate but still very sweet. Kyle and Lillie try to fight the feeling developing for each other as they race to be ready to fight the enemy. I also liked that although it was love at first, there was a build up to their relationship. They had some communication mix ups that only love and understanding could remove.

I felt that the characters were well developed and relatable. The story line was fast paced, interesting and easy to follow along. The realms between Earth and kingdom of Arrian were pretty descriptive and creatively expressed. The Key was a new concept with it being a power that inhabits a child when needed within a generation. I believe there is enough of a backdrop for the author to write another story about the kingdom of Arrian which I would enjoy to read. Overall, good read for anyone who loves fantasy and sweet romance.

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