Review – Koko’s 24/7 Day & Night Angels by Grace Tee

Synopsis: Koko finds work as a health worker in UK. She meets real Heroes and Sheroes and tries to dish out her enchanting Africa with comical consequences. The senior citizens’ candid questions are hilarious. A current affairs clash of civilisations banged with love, tolerance, fun, care and all things human. Its Koko’s panorama expedition packed with laughter, wisdom and thought provoking life lessons.

Koko is a vibrant woman who travels from Africa to Britain to make a better life for herself and her family. She has a degree as Teacher but finds it hard to get a position so decides to try something else — caring for the elderly. She is well read and mostly understands the culture but there are some things that can only be learnt from interaction. She become a staple of the home that she works for 5 years before she decides to move on working for an agency. I don’t think I could have put up with half the stuff Koko put up with the lifestyle of caring for others. It is stressful. The families and/or the elderly person can make it worse with unreasonable expectations.

I enjoyed reading the jokes before each chapter, many were ones I had not heard before. There were some points where I felt there was too much conversation one example being a conversation between Koko and Mandy that spanned close to 8 pages. I also felt like the story was too long after about 200 pages for the age group of 10-18 especially since I had a hard time sometimes staying focused to complete it to the end. Overall, inspiring read for anyone who is interested in going into the home health care field. It is packed with the truths and fun moments that can happen in that field.

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