Review- When Water Flows Uphill by Beryl Shaw

Synopsis: Scientist Dr. Armand Croft, a distressed amnesia victim, takes an assignment to import water to Las Vegas from a subterranean aquifer in the north. But northern ringleader Gary Wixx organizes a rancher’s alliance that stops Dr. Croft at every reach. Subsequently, the two men face off and launch an embittered and fierce water war. Meanwhile, Dr. Croft falls in love with a female archeologist who becomes the target of threats that promise to relent if he will forfeit the water grab. Nevertheless, backed by corporate power and sworn to secrecy, he completes his assignment, builds a pipeline, and moves the water south. But an unforeseen terrorist attack changes everything when it destroys a pipeline station, kills a security guard, and leaves Dr. Croft as the FBI’s primary suspect.

The story line was though provoking and intriguing. It begins with Dr. Croft waking up not knowing who and where he is. I think it is riveting detail to add to an already complex story. I couldn’t imagine waking up with amnesia and not understand why you remember some things and others escape you. I think the author did an excellent job with her research on this topic because amnesia doesn’t follow a formula like so many other illnesses. The characters were well developed ranging from the lovable to the despised. I definitely felt sympathetic towards Dr. Croft as he struggled to find his identity and work on the water project. Gary was a character that was selfish but also quite rough around the edges. Another example of the masterful character development is Lucas, he was embittered and didn’t care if he alienated the new person on the team.

The struggle between the company and the town became more than just a legal battle but battle of wills as the opposing sides faced up. The book is long but will skillfully hold your attention. Although fictional, it holds a strong message for what can happen with the environment. Overall great read for anyone who loves thrillers with a little suspense and politics.

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