Review – The Workshop Kenbook by Gangai Victor


Synopsis: Worship Kenbook is designed to provide guidelines that can be applied in personal and corporate worship. It is a resource that can be used by worship leaders, choir members, dancers, musicians and just about anybody else involved in the worship ministry.

I have been a part of different worship teams as a leader and participant, I found the concepts provided go very much in line what I was taught. Victor discusses the misconceptions around worship like people believing worship is only done in church or emotional high. Worship is a lifestyle choice where a person demonstrates the love of God in all aspects of their lives. He described some additional acts like bible reading and intercession that I hadn’t thought of as part of worship before. It is worship because it displays the person’s love for God through his/her actions.

One section that I believe is truly valuable for all members in a worship ministry is the part where the author discusses the hindrances to effective worship. I have seen some of these outcomes that were not pretty or effective. I definitely agree with the author that prep work is always necessary in worship. There’s nothing more disconcerting than to want to get into the song but be distracted by visuals or people singing off pitch. It’s not to say church is not “safe” place because it is but its like anything in life where if you have to think hard on it or focus excessively it does not flow. Worship is best and easiest when the prep work meets with a little freelance. Victor even discusses practical aspects like managing conflict, which people overlook as skills needed to be a leader in any type of organization. I would definitely recommend that anyone who wants to make their worship program more effective or build up a new one should read this book.

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