Review- Living to Die by J. N. Law

Synopsis: Being chased by a demon is the last of Sara’s worries.Fleeing at her side is a man who was dead ten minutes ago. Before she has a chance to make sense of it all, the man is carrying her off into another time, realm, and dimension. She’s supposed to believe that she can revive the dead, her sister has been banished, and her mother is still alive. What she doesn’t know, is that bringing back the dead comes with a price.The dead are meant to stay dead—Donovan thinks he’s the exception to the rule.Donovan has been searching for someone like Sara a long time. She is the answer to his problem: death. Being a bounty hunter with many enemies, tracking down realm hoppers is a dangerous career. With Sara’s help, Donovan would be one step away from immortal—which is his ultimate goal. Convincing Sara to act as his personal necromancer won’t be easy, and worse, lying to her just might cost him his life.

Living to Die is told from first person perspective and switches between Sara and Donovan. I didn’t like the switch of perspective change since it felt like odd moments of the story. I think the switch of perspective from Sara would have been more effective if it was kept in third person so there was no confusion.The story line was well written and interesting. Law starts straight into the action with the funeral scene that occurs when Sara and her sister Stacey were little girls. I personally didn’t like Sara because she is extremely stubborn. She was the kind of person who even with proof tends to go back to what they always believed. I think Law did a wonderful job in making the characters have distinct voices.

I enjoyed the creativeness/complexness  in the story line and the realms that were created. As the story progressed, there was the added tension of attraction between Donovan and Sara and it kept you wondering if Sara was going to give in the emotions. Sara struggles with the desire to find her sister, believing in her gift and the fact her mother she always thought was dead is actually alive. Overall, good read for anyone who loves fantasy, action adventure with a little suspense.

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