Review – Detour Paris: Detour Paris Series Book 1 by Jack Dancer

Detour Paris by Jack Dancer

Synopsis: After a “love-at-first-sight” encounter with the enchanting Monica Reyes while on an international getaway with his flight attendant girlfriend, Tucker Blue, a newly-minted, mid-life bachelor and serial-dater, faces a dilemma. Fortunately for the hapless Tucker, the sky gods take pity, and the overbooked plane flies off, taking Tucker’s dilemma with it.  Tucker sees the opportunity before him as a gift and he appeals to Monica’s sense of adventure and, implicitly, her appetite for a rendez-vous romantique, by suggesting a detour – riding the rails through the countryside of France, first-class of course. The two embark on a journey that proves to be an adventure that neither of them would have imagined their wildest dreams.

The story is told mostly in 1st person from the perspective of Tucker, a middle aged bachelor who is taking a trip on a companion ticket with his flight attendant girlfriend. Tucker quickly finds himself caught up in what I would call lust at first sight attraction with Monica, a part of the traveling party. I wasn’t quite sure if Tucker was extremely good looking, curiosity about Ebba’s boyfriend or the fact that it appeared the other flight attendants didn’t like Ebba that caused the women to aggressively flirt with Tucker. It also confused Tucker who I think wasn’t really interested in Ebba. I didn’t like that he could push her to the side so quickly but understood that some temptations are not easy to resist when you have a willing partner.

The pace was pretty fast with the perspective changing to a person called the Raven. The conversation was realistic and a times pretty funny with the smart comments that were thrown back and forth between Tucker and Monica. The characters are well developed with distinct personalities. The mystery surrounding the dead body and the lottery ticket gave the story an extra edge. It helped to keep my interest and left me wondering what will happen in the next installment. Who is the Raven? Was she looking for the lottery ticket? Overall, good read for anyone who loves romantic comedies with adventure, suspense and some steamy love scenes.

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