Review – The Float Tank Cure: Free Yourself from Stress, Anxiety and Pain the Natural Way by Shane Stott

Synopsis: Shane Stott shares his personal journey and professional insights into the Float Cure. For millions of people floating is not only a method of healing and meditation, but a journey to a higher state of wellness and being. With new scientific research illuminating the multifaceted benefits of floating, and the practice becoming more available, the time to float is now. Join with Shane on this journey, and experience the cure.

I will admit that I have not yet felt stressed to the point that it has caused me the type of anxiety that Shane described. The human body is the most amazing creation and it doesn’t surprise of how many different benefits can be attained through simply floating. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to find that the author had backed his personal findings with research. I am glad that he also mentions fundamentally sound concepts to use along with the float. Some of the additional concepts mentioned were meditation, healthy relationships and staying fit.

Stress and anxiety to me is on the rise with more and more people having to fight to survive with the higher demands to fit in or maintain their lifestyles. I liked the realistic advice that was given for patience and incorporating fundamentals into the journey for better mental health. I know I always feel better mentally when I have taken care of my body by eating right and exercising. When I first started reading, I wasn’t sure how effective the float cure would be but after finished reading I understand how this can be effective stress and pain relieving method. I would recommend it for anyone searching for natural ways to improve the quality of life by lessening stress and anxiety.

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