Review- The Jesus Command: The Mark of Discipleship by Matthew Milam II

Synopsis:The Jesus Command describes all the different ways that a person can show their love to another person through teaching and discipleship. It also discusses how this is journey and process that is improved over the course of one’s life. The Jesus Command is the command to love one another as God and Jesus loves us.

This is a book that is best read one chapter at a time as you focus on the content and review the material. It reads as good resource¬†material for a bible study/discussion. The author includes quite a few expressions of love that I hadn’t thought of specifically or heard mentioned as ways to fulfill the Command. For example, recognizing Christian believers of other churches as one of body of Christ and not a faction. Another subject discussed is building up one another or using constructive criticism instead of being so ready to voice negative opinions. What I also enjoyed and thought was refreshing, practical application in dealing with situations. The information given is not just biblical but sound that can be used in every day life like don’t provoke others. In life, I know having good intentions doesn’t always ensure success because sometimes conflict will still rear its head. I always feel better with myself when I can honestly say I tried to do right and not purposely hurt someone. The Jesus Command is a detailed and in depth resource that will go well with the study of love. Overall, good read for anyone on the journey of self improvement through learning about love.

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