Review- Got a Bad Picker? by Jesse Carr MD

Synopsis: Do you ever feel constrained or dissatisfied by life or your relationships, like you’re living in a straitjacket? Are you frustrated trying to make sense of love or all of the chaos around you? The search for the meaning of it all has given Philosophers nightmares throughout the ages. In reality, the meaning of life is what you give it. In other words, we as humans have the choice to decide what’s important to us. Accepting and take responsibility for these choices is the ultimate freedom and the beginnings of contentment. In this book, we explore potential root causes and consequences of making poor relationship choices. Then, most importantly, how to enhance and fix a bad picker. And lastly, how by becoming your own match maker, by using objective data, rules, and strategies you can make the best choices for your happiness.

It is a self-help book designed to help women get past the inhibitions that cause them to make bad relationship decisions. It didn’t surprise me to find out that the mind searches for the familiar when meeting other people. There were quite a few good strategies on how to improve overall psychological well-being. The relationship satisfaction scale is a good tool to use because sometimes people don’t realize they are unhappy until they really think about it, the example the book used was Mrs. Bailey. She had been married for fifty years and was unhappy. I think it is a good book for someone who wants to make a change in the way they approach finding a relationship partner but did find the book to be dry.

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