Review- Star Crossed Lovers (Hepsom Abbey Saga Book One) by Clifford J Hearn

Synopsis: Two star crossed lovers, Cotta and Hughes meet in war torn Britain but the class war brings fights over children and marriage leading to a story of unimaginable struggle, tension and plans for future inheritance. The story twists and turns through bombs and floods in London and North Wales as the lovers tear at each other’s hearts. A wild boulder from a slag heap destroys a child and we meet the Genius of the Mountains who has laid the fountains of the science of the Hughes Gun which protected Britain and the US from the horror of the Nazi Submarines.

When it is said there is thin line between love and hate, it is incredibly thin. We first meet Hughes and watch him fall in love with Cotta; I pictured a lovely ending of them getting married. That did not happen, in fact they began the struggle I see often of who will get the kid. I was surprised at the lengths that each went to best each other in obtaining custody of the child. Each character is dynamic and animated showing the strength of Hearn’s writing. This war was a strenuous and exhausting  time with the loss of life of civilians as well as soldiers across the countryside. Overall, good read for those who like historical fiction filled with romance, action and suspense.

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