Author Spotlight: Dream World (The Dream World Series Book One) by S. J. Hitchcock


Author Spotlight:
Dream World (Dream World #1)
S.J. Hitchcock
Sept 19th – Sept 26th

I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes
lock. Then as if slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes.
The van switches lanes once again right into my mother’s path. The look on her
face as she steps on the brakes shows she has realised it’s too late, the car
ploughs into the van at such speed she has no time to react. I watch in horror
as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes and crumble to the floor, shielding
my vision, not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on
metal as screams fill the air it’s then i realise it’s me who is
My name is Debbie Conway, I am thirteen years old and from the day I witnessed
my mother’s death I could think of little else. To ease my pain, I spent more
time in my dream world, in the arms of Joshua Lawson, the guy from the poster
above my bed, and starring in my favourite T.V show, Victor.Meet my best friend Wendy, former best friend and school bully Karen and a boy
who will confuse my love for Joshua Lawson, Mark Hobson. He’s a new student
from America, whose accent alone sends shivers up and down my spine.

Sarah Hitchcock
was born in Norfolk, in a small town called King’s Lynn. She has always been a
keen reader, and one day decided to attempt her own, and has never looked back.
She loves reading many genre’s, but romance will always be her first love.
After finishing high school and training to work with children, Sarah started
her first job in a local supermarket, a crèche and then had her first child.
She currently works as a pre-school teacher, part-time.Sarah has four children, a partner who has to put up with her ramblings on
about her WIP’s, and three cocker spaniels.

Today, she has many novels in various stages of editing and being re-written.
She recalls spending hours thinking about her characters and their story-lines.
To this day, she often falls asleep thinking about where she can take her new
and old characters


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