Review: Words to Die By (Allison Taylor Series Book 2) by Jeanne Lamb-Carlin

Synopsis: Allison Taylor is having some trust issues, when a woman from Mark Ryan’s past turns up in Spring Hollow, and makes it very clear she’d like to revisit old times. And Elizabeth Meade is writing a murder mystery. But then people start dying just like the characters in her book, and it seems likely the killer is someone Lizzie knows. Mark Ryan would like Ally to leave the police work to him, but Ally, Lizzie, and new friend, Larry Jones, decide to investigate before someone else winds up with a knife in their chest.

Words to Die By is the second installment of the series which if you haven’t read the first book I definitely recommend it. There is some back drop provided so that you can follow along and not get lost. Allison is likable character who is brave, smart, loving and kind but damaged. She hesitates to act on her feelings for Mark because of her fears. The author does a great job of bringing the characters of the small town to life who range from lovable to the despised. The story took so many twists and turns in trying to figure out who the killer was. Just when it seemed like I thought I knew it changed. I love happy endings and was disappointed that Mark and Ally couldn’t seem to work it out. Overall, great read for anyone who loves a suspenseful mystery filled with action and surprises.

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