Review- Love in a boat (A Mediterranean Romance Novel) by Carla Prince

Synopsis: Kate has no experience with men. She’s better with boats.  Flynn’s just bought a luxury yacht. Flynn is instantly attracted to Kate  but he would never get involved with an inexperienced girl. But the summer sun is intoxicating, and Kate’s dog is showing a disturbing liking for luxury. Flynn has a hard time staying away from Kate and finds she is not as inexperienced as she seems.

This is the first book in the Mediterranean series and I accidentally read them out of order (oops) but both are stand alone books. The only connection is that we are briefly introduced to Luke a rockstar who will be a main character in the second book. I enjoyed how Prince also brought into the story a little dramatic suspense as we the readers try to figure out when Kate will earn Flynn’s heart and will Flynn get to Kate in time to save the day! Kate is a little naive but she has a strong will and knows what she wants. Flynn is confident and very protective of those he cares about even though he is convinced that Kate is not what he wants. The characters are lively and fun to read about and the story line definitely kept me wondering what will happen next. Anyone who enjoys romance mixed in with a little suspense will definitely enjoy reading  this novel.

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  1. Love a bit of suspense, will have to check this out!

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