Review-Love in a cala (A Mediterranean Romance Novel) by Carla Prince

Synopsis: Tessa is through with men. Especially ones that can’t be trusted.Luke Marques treats his women casually. His rules. No strings.And Tessa’s secluded cove is already occupied – by exactly the sort of man she most dislikes.When Tessa hurts her ankle in the cove, Luke ends up coming to her rescue. Will Tessa be able to fight her growing attraction to Luke while her leg heals?

Prince brought to life delightful and developed characters in Luke, Tessa, Africa and Toni. Tessa is following the advice of friend and taking a break from her life dancing with a ballet troupe in Spain. She is trying to erase bad memories from a bad break-up. Luke is a rock star who also been through a bad relationship end with his soon to be ex wife and he’s vowed to himself that he will stick to women who just want one night stands. Tessa and Luke both have strong personalities and seem to really clash in their first meeting but the mutual attraction in undeniable. I enjoyed how Prince brought the characters together over time and it wasn’t just a day or week that they knew they belonged together. Anyone who enjoys romance will enjoy this tale of love.

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