Review-The Traveler by Fredric Shernoff

Synopsis: Daniel Wells has just discovered he can travel through time. On a simple sightseeing journey to his own past, Daniel makes a terrible mistake, the consequences of which will threaten not only his life but the very fabric of the universe. Daniel will have to dive even deeper into his past to make things right, but when he meets the beautiful Suzy will he still fix everything or will he abandon his real life forever?

Daniel starts out with good intentions when he realizes that he can time travel. Don’t change anything but then the little devil sits on his shoulder, “think how much better your life will be if this one little detail is changed.” Unfortunately one thing leads to another and it becomes a huge deal where even as a reader you have hard time keeping up with the action. Shernoff has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation as Daniel somehow manages to tie the time lines in a knot that ripples across parallel universes. If  the time travel wasn’t enough, Daniel has to decide if he wants his wife or the new love he developed while in the past. Overall good read, for anyone who enjoys time travel mixed with romance.

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