Review-She Only Speaks to Butterflies (Meaningful Suspense Series Book 1) by Sandy Appleyard


Synopsis: Her husband is dead. Her daughter doesn’t speak. The town she’s raised her child in is being set aflame and nobody knows who is responsible or why. Sherry is alone, facing her worst fears while the town pulls together to keep everyone safe. She prays the culprit will be found before it’s too late, but her instincts predict otherwise. When a new face arrives in town, Sherry realizes she isn’t the only one who has lost, and more importantly, that there is much more she could lose.

We often hear it takes a village to raise a child and it was nice to see the support that Sherry got from her town in raising her daughter, Denise. The anguish that Sherry goes through as she tries to decide what more can she do to “cure” her daughter’s muteness. I will say that some of Sherry’s friends like Martha are obnoxious, nosy and almost unlikable except for their deep loyalty to Sherry. I think Appleyard did a great job bringing the characters to life in the small town as well as good suspense with the arson fires. I am a hopeless romantic so I loved the ending! Anyone who enjoys reading faith based story with romance and suspense will love this book.

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