Review -The Turkish Connection: A Birth of an Assassin Novel by Rik Stone


Synopsis: The Turkish Connection begins with Levent Pasha, a gambler and womanizer, who after the untimely death of his wife decides to change his ways and rob wealthy businessman Beyrek Ozel so that he can take  better care of his son, Mehmet. A twist of fate causes Levent to be caught and drowned by Ozel’s men. Mehmet is taken by Ozel’s men and forced to learn the craft of theft and violence alongside the other street children. Desperation fills him as he yearns to break free from the life inflicted on him by his drunken, womanizing father, little knowing that his rotting body lies at the bottom of Bosporus Strait. This is the beginning of Mehmet’s journey from thief to assassin as he struggles to survive.

It is a fascinating tale of heart break, espionage and revenge. It had several scenes of attention grabbing action. I continuously hoped that Mehmet would learn the truth of what happened with his father the day of his mother’s funeral. Mehmet was a complicated character with his good and bad traits. Mehmet determinedly struggled to not fall into the addictions that consumed his father. This was definitely a dark time when pedophiles and human trafficking was commonplace. I was definitely glad that although the scene was described the minute details were not given, some acts were so atrocious that my imagination didn’t need much to overreact. Overall, good read for anyone who enjoys a realistic revenge tale with hints of politics.

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