Review-Beyond a Darkened Sky (Three Keys Series Book 1) by Dana Alexander

Synopsis: The balance between good and evil has just been shattered, opening a path for a dark lord’s demons and shadows to consume the energy found in humanity. To New York psychiatrist Dr. Sara Forrester, these nightmares become more than figments of a troubled mind when a powerful entity known as the Soltari calls Sara to duty as their only hope to retrieve three ancient keys hidden thousands of years earlier. But to find the keys she must unlock the gateway to each of them by way of three secret medallions. As part of Sara’s existence in this life, the alliance that governs the equilibrium between good and evil has blocked her memory from the many past lives she’s lived, her eternal love with the last great warrior and the power she holds in order for her to establish a relatively ordinary life on earth. There is no room for distraction where life-threatening decisions need to be made.

It is a compelling story line but I was distracted by a few formatting and grammatical errors. I think the pace was too slow with too much of Sara’s memory being withheld. Sara has so much that rides on her shoulders with restoring the balance and I feel the blocked memory of her love for Kevin/Cerys was a hindrance. I liked the enduring romance between Sara and Kevin. The description of Ardan was amazing with innovativeness of the creatures that lived there. Overall, good read for anyone who likes science fiction, fantasy and magic mixed together.

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