Review-Call Me Pomery by James Hanna


Synopsis: Pomeroy, a towering street musician on parole, is out of the clink for the upteenth time and wants to become another Bob Dylan. With fame and fortune in mind, he heads to Occupy Oakland, hoping to get on television, attract an agent, and score a million dollar contract for Ants in My Pants, his marathon ditty. Pomeroy is a skirmish-loving, dumpster-diving, narcissistic crazy who thinks he can sing like Pavarotti and that all women want to jump his bones. His parole officer, a street-smart Hispanic woman, tells Pomeroy to quit looking at her alligator pumps and to get himself a real plan. But Pomeroy has schemes of his own and you may find his egocentric opinions politically incorrect.

Pomeroy is the type of guy that although you find him funny with his raunchy and at worst vulgar comments/thoughts you hope your nephew or cousin doesn’t turn into this guy. I was sometimes torn between being offended and laughing at  the irony of the situations that Pomeroy somehow managed to get himself into. Hanna created a memorable character that you will either love or hate for his narcissistic, sexist and political incorrect comments. I couldn’t quite get on board with Pomeroy although he did have some moments of truth hidden within his rants and radically expressed opinions. Overall, decent read but do caution there is strong language/imagery that can be extremely offensive.

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