Review- Soaring: Living Empowered and Joyful by Matti Dobbs, Ph. D.

Synopsis: Soaring offers a step-by-step guide for individuals who want to achieve personal and professional success beyond limits. Using the twelve Flight Lessons in Soaring you can ignite more joy and happiness, visualize and achieve infinite possibilities and much more!

I found this to be an inspirational and uplifting read. I think we often forget that success is not only based upon actions but the mind has to be focused to achieve the goal. Ms. Dobbs reminds the reader that he/she is an active participant in his/her life and can/should dream big. Several suggestions are given to reach this goal in life for example like  simply taking deep breaths and showing gratitude. Each chapter has a small guide of the simplified steps talked about in the chapter. There are real life examples provided by the experiences of the author and others who have used the steps. It does have a spiritual influence but I think even if you are not religious person that the steps to create positive thoughts and self-love can still be used. A great read for anyone who is looking to start a new personal or professional goal or has already started and needs a boost to complete it.

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