Review- Queensboro by Thomas Drago

Synopsis:Ashley Smith attends Crow Creek Elementary and is the brightest student in Earle Pruitt’s fourth grade class. She volunteers as line leader, captains the book club, wins the spelling bee, and never misses a day of school. Not in almost five years. Not until Schreck, the impish gravedigger at Holt County Cemetery, snatches her from her bus stop one spring morning. Shortly after Sheriff Brad Gleason organizes a search party, horror strikes from the nearby woods, claiming the lives of several locals. Mrs. Scott, who runs the town’s sawmill, witnesses the attack. So does Curly, a gullible deputy. They can’t believe what they see. Nobody can. The impending chase leads to Queensboro, an insidious town along the Haw River and home to Carolina EnTech, a medical research laboratory run by Margaret Ganis, whose prominent birthmark and ruthless fear tactics earn her the cryptic nickname the Red Queen in the local press. Recently, Carolina EnTech invested in Jacobs Court, luxury apartments they renovated for the corporate executives who displaced poorer inhabitants. And others, of course–many who disappeared without a trace.

I didn’t realize until after finish reading this book that it was the 2nd book of a series and do recommend reading the first book prior to this one. Drago does provide a good backdrop so it was easy to follow along but it did take me a little while to piece together how events that had previously occurred tied into current events. It was an enjoyable read that kept me guessing what would happen next. The descriptions were vivid and I could easily picture what was occurring. I admired Mrs. Scott’s courage and the love Big Ben had for his son.I found myself rooting for the characters to find the truth and stop the ruthless Ms. Ganis. It was suspenseful to the very end! I would recommend this book to anyone who love thrilling suspense mixed with horror and a little fantasy.

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