Blog Tour- I’ll Be Seeing You by Darlene Kuncytes

Blog Tour:
I’ll Be Seeing You
by Darlene Kuncytes
June 22nd – July 2nd
Chastain has been running from her past for ten very long years. She is a woman
who has been hiding from the nightmare that stalks her. Desperate and sick of
jumping at every shadow, she stumbles into the small town Police Department in
yet another town where she lives – desperate for help. Desperate to know that
she isn’t insane like everyone seems to believe.
She wasn’t prepared for the force of nature that answers her call.Detective Cole McKenzie was the playboy of the precinct. With movie star good
looks and a body just made for sin; he never had a cold bed – but when
Katherine walks into his office in search of salvation, he is nearly knocked to
his knees.

There is something about her that he just can’t shake. Her haunted emerald eyes
burn him to his very soul, and he finds that he wants nothing more than to help
her stop the nightmare that has become her life.

Can Cole protect her from someone who is like a phantom? Someone who has been
stalking and terrorizing her for most of her life? Can he fight the desire that
wells up inside him with just a simple look from this amazing woman? Or will
she be his end?

Can these two fight the attraction that snaps and crackles around them as
danger lurks in the shadows?

Take a breath and join this thrilling ride!


I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. I have always loved reading and
writing. This is my first novel in The Supernatural Desire Series. Book 2, A
Wolf’s Savage Embrace released in Sept. 2013. They are standalone novels with
recurring characters that hopefully, you fall in love with. My characters
become so personal to me and I guess it’s because you put your entire heart and
soul into them.

I first started writing as a child. On rainy days my mom and I would
“make” books. We would draw pictures and I would make up the stories.
It is such a treasured memory of mine and I believe is what gave me the bug to
keep on writing.

As a newbie author, I appreciate everyones support and love! This community of
writers, illustrators, models and just avid readers has been awesome!

I have a quirky sense of humor and so enjoy meeting and talking with people –
so, please feel free to drop me a line! I love hearing from fans!!!
Happy reading! And make sure to follow me on Facebook! And on Twitter
@VampireEmbrace And always remember to Stay Strong and Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!


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