Review – Human by Den Holson

Synopsis: HUMAN is the story of an inner struggle for understanding and illumination told by the poor sod whose tortured personality it explores. It follows the madcap progress of an unlikely inner-space potholer who eventually discovers truth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be where the mysteries of existence are concerned and ultimately moves out beyond all that (with a little help from his dead mother, a rock legend, a trippy professor, and an infamous scraggy cartoon character).Allegedly a journey into the would-be mystical heart of the human soul – and the only genuine path to spiritual awakening you’re likely to encounter this side of the great nothingness – Human purportedly charts the trail you need to follow if you genuinely want to find yourself without really trying. Yes – and draws you into the beginnings of the Fictish struggle for world domination; that too. Fictional, if you want to see it that way – but, then, what isn’t?

It was not my type of reading material since I am more of an entertainment reader but it was not a bad read.The style of writing is interesting and reads like someone’s consciousness rambling and becoming focused on certain thoughts. The main character shifts through memories in different time periods of his life. At first I thought he was looking for memories for his mother and it switched to more of a search for inner peace. I would recommend for the reader interested in psychology and enjoys introspective analyses or thought-provoking material.

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  1. libbycole007 says:

    Sounds like a really interesting read, might have to check it out.

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