Review – Someone To Watch Over Me by Fran Connor

Synopsis:In 1930s Spain, Alicia has it all; youth, beauty, brains and wealthy parents in the sherry business. It all comes crashing down when she kills the son of the corrupt local police chief for trying to rape her. Knowing she would not get a fair hearing, she dumps the body in a lake. Then the Civil War breaks out, her parents are murdered and the police chief discovers who killed his son. Alicia goes on the run and finds refuge with a gentle piano player in the Sierra Nevada where they try to stay out of the war. But the war comes to them. This is an epic story of love, survival against the odds and the endurance of the human spirit.

The story starts out a little slow like so many love stories with Alicia seeing Alphonse and is instantly attracted to him. It quickly changes when Jose a guy from her hometown will not accept no for answer. Alicia is a likable character who struggles with her actions and her faith while trying to stay alive. I truly enjoyed Alicia’s spunk. It is hard to say if she really needed to kill Jose, the priest or the bandit. Alicia had to face lots of adversity to finally get to safety. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending and anyone who loves romance that endures through time will enjoy reading this book.

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